Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dosa (Indian Lentil Pancakes)

Roja!One of my favorite films. I just love all the songs in this movie. Especially Chinni Chinni Aasa! The reason for bringing up this topic here is that we used to mock this song when we were kids. Chinni Chinni Aasa, Vedi Vedi dosa! Hehe. (Meaning hot hot pancakes! :)). Anyway, here is the recipe for Dosa.

Minapappu (Urad dal/Split black gram) - 1 Cup
Rice - 2.5 Cups
Senega pappu (Chana Dal/Split bengal gram) - Handful
Menthulu (Fenugreek seeds) - 1tsp
Cooked rice or Poha (Atukulu) - 1tbsp (Optional)
Salt 1 tsp

Add Chanadal and fenugreek seeds to Urad dal. 

Adding chanadal brings good brown color to dosa and fenugreek seeds make it crispier (Mom's advise).

Soak mixed dal and rice separately in water for minimum 4-5 hours.

Drain the water and grind minapappu and rice into a smooth paste mixing both of them.

Add some water while grinding to reach dosa consistency.

Add a spoon of cooked rice or poha while grinding. (optional)

Add salt to the mix.

Put the dosa mix in oven overnight to allow it to ferment.

Mix the batter again when making dosa.

Take the batter in a laddle and put it on dosa pan. Sweep the laddle in circular motion to spread the batter evenly. I didn't succeed when I tried this for the first time. It actually takes few tries to master this.

Spray oil (Pam) and when the dosa turns brown in color, flip to other side and let it cook for few more seconds.

Enjoy these Indian pancakes with Chutney / Boiled Aloo curry

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