Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Repair Your Hair From Hair Straightening Damage - Part 2

Procedure 2: Measurements are given for short/shoulder length hair. Please adjust the quantity as per your hair length.

Henna powder-100g
Lemon juice -2tsps
Thick Yogurt - 1 tsp
Hair oil -2 tsps
Tea powser (optional) -1tsp
Shower cap

Day 1:
Mix Henna powder,lemon juice, yogurt,egg and oil. Mix it well.
Day 2:
Boil tea powder in water. (Avoid this if you want a nice burgundy color to your hair)
Add sufficient water/Tea water to bring it to muddy consistency.
Comb your hair well and make sure there aren't any knots.
Wear gloves so the mixture doesn't make your hands red
Apply the mixture to the hair. Make sure you avoid touching to scalp.
Knot your hair in the back using a rubberband and cover your head with the shower cap.
Have a tissue paper ready in your hand for any leaks.
After 5-6 hours
It is easier to wash your hair in kitchen sink rather than washing it in the shower. It's easy to clean the kitchen sink than cleaning the entire shower after the mess.
Run the water in kitchen sink and rinse off the mixture from your hair. It will take a while to do it.
After that rinse your hair with a conditioner (Do not use shampoo)
After the hair is dry. Apply hair oil. Leave it over night. (Make sure to protect your pillow cover and bed sheet from stains.
Day 3:
Wash your hair with mild shampoo.

Henna relaxes your hair and it straightens your hair eventually. But this is with non-chemical usage. Your hair will be repaired eventually and you will start loving your hair all over again!

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