Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nilla Wafers Pudding

Dessert!! Who doesn't like dessert after a hearty meal.And when it is low in calories and darn easy to make, I would double like it :)
Thanks to my friend, Swetha Ravula who gave this recipe to me and is always a hit among my friends and family.


One vanilla inst pudding powder mix.
One butterscotch inst pudding powder mix
One 8 oz cool whip fat free(thaw before using it)
One pack nilla wafers( use reduced fat version)
24 oz Skim milk

Mix 12 ounces of milk with vanilla inst. mix in a bowl and beat until fluffy

Add half tub of whipped cream to the above and beat again. Keep aside

Mix remaining milk(12 ounces) with butterscotch inst. mix and beat until fluffy in another bowl.

Add remaining tub of whipped cream and beat again. Keep aside.

And  then arrange in layers in a big wide bowl

Put a layer of vanilla mix, top it with Nilla wafers.and add a layer of butterscotch mix.

Repeat the layers.

Refrigerate overnight.


  1. Turned out very good. But my vanilla and butterscotch mix had a thick liquid like consistency, yours is more like a paste, dont know why. Tasted great at the end though. Thanks
    You should also post your Bagara Baingan recipe!

  2. The reason for it might be because you used 18 oz of cool whip instead of 8 oz.. I have modified my post to show clearly..:)

    I will post Bagara Baingan recipe soon..Thank you..

  3. I remember having this dessert at Soumya's place and it turned out really yummy. I will try it too sometime and let you know. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks try it.I will post other dessert recipes soon..Most of them are quick and easy..:)